.Cosima look through the folder Delphine gave her and sees Shay?s military background, coupled with what Delphine told her about a spy, Cosima panics and mentions she has to leave immediately.Cosmia is taken back when she learns what Delphine attempted to do, but try?s to rationalize it by saying that they work on secrect military stuff and they deal with spys and traitors on a regular basis.On the back of the business card are numbers the audience recognizes as Cosima?s clone ID.Cosima try?s to tell Shay about her ?true.After Delphine drills her with questions about how she can afford so much nice stuff despite only being a masseuse and her military background, Delphine threatens to kill her by making it look like suicide. Pin by ashley bell on lovestruck. They are then seen having photos taken of them from afar by an unknown source.Delphine gives Shay a Dyad business card and tells her that if she ever wants to know about Cosmia?s background, then call Cosima and tell her that Delphine gave Cosima permission to share.Shay also says she didn?t mention her military backround on the dating app because the whole point of a dating app is to reinvent your self and focus on the appealing parts of your life.Later that evening, after Rudy visits Scott?s apartment and blackmails the book from him, Delphine?s suspicions are all but confirmed: Shay is a Castor spy.She tries to figure out whether people are in balance and helps people get there.Shay's practice focus's on one's nutrition, body works and spiritual counselling.

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We stand there, talking, for over an hour. 'Oui, of course.Sometimes I think I'll be next.She smiles across at me, as though we have our own private joke, then turns back to Dr Leekie.She giggles apologetically, apparently finding my confusion amusing. 'I thought that was a French accent I heard', she smiles, intrigued. Did Deliah Blue use pheormones on Cade Skywalker. I answer the phone.And, as if by some tragic cosmic joke, it starts to rain.Then, one day, the charismatic Cosima walks into her life, and she can make every day feel like an adventure.She brushes her dark brown dreadlocks over her shoulder, leaning forward eagerly.I probably shouldn't be this excited, but I can't help myself. And then her phone vibrates, and her smile falters.People get off at each stop, momentarily opening up a space around us, before it fills again with commuters or tourists or young college kids with white headphone wires dangling down from their ears to their jacket pockets.He smiles warmly and squeezes my hand a little tighter.We make our way through a side door, which opens out into a small event space.We walk in silence towards the university. 'You don't believe it?' I whisper in response, leaning closer to her.He grips my hand tightly, staring straight ahead, until he notices me looking. 'I'm in evo devo'. 'Yes, I’m working on my PhD in immunology'.I hate to see him act like such a fool, so I never go out with them anymore.Row upon row of fold out chairs are filled with enthusiastic scientists, and I instantly feel as though I belong.I stand there for a few minutes, letting the cold droplets of water fall through my hair and down my neck. Arslan senki ester. None of the other wives or girlfriends get invited out; most of them are getting cheated on anyway.I let go of Paul's hand, pulling my black coat higher up around my neck as we reach the steps that will take us out of the station. It's a beautiful name.She scribbles something onto a black page and tears it off, then hands it to me.As we approach the street, they cheer as they see him. I blink in confusion.Trading stories back and forth about our experiences of living in England and studying and our undergraduate degrees.They walk off together, laughing, hand in hand, while I'm left cold and alone on the sidewalk.He’s trying to recruit for his fan club', she murmurs. Cosima suggests going to confront him and challenge him on some of his claims, but she decides it’s not worth it.I spot a few of them now, some with silver hair, some with silver eyes.It's empty of furniture, except for the tables where glasses of champagne are set out on a white tablecloth.

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It has to be done soon, Shay was almost asleep.Comments: 5 Kudos: 27 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 700.Shay’s place was nothing like Cosima’s, it was full of crystals and smelled like flowers and cinnamon.They had different lifestyles but together they learned to appreciate their difference. Why would Shay have a pregnancy test.Cosima’s destiny wasn’t far from their home, it took about 15 minutes by motorcycle. Panty pantsing. They were cuddling in the sofa and Cosima couldn’t bear the heat of her jacket, but if she took it off, Shay would see the ring.Knew all the nightclubs in SanFran and didn’t lose time at relationships, until the day she met a geek girl in a Starbucks.The engagement ring was there, beautiful and shining as the day her grandfather proposed to her nona.As finished dinner, they watched Game of Thrones as all weekends.She double-checked her dreadlocks and eyeliner..She slowly got up and went to the bathroom, washed her face and looked at in the mirror again.I’m not gonna bother you at your big day.Cosima looked her girlfriend disappear to the kitchen and opened the litte box.She saw Cosima graduates and getting her master degree.Lucky for her, she have her sisters, her best friend and a new PhD student to star over. (Update every Thursday).And Cosima was there for her when she opened her SPA.Cosima opened so she could roll right and hear a small thing fall from it.A pregnancy test.The lights were all green, and she took it as a sign that everything was going to be great.Quickly, Cosima was getting together all the small boxes, towels and shampoos she let fall

sign up quick links All Shows All Movies All Episodes Schedule Live TV Anglophenia Shop ways to watch iOS App Android App Apple TV Fire TV Roku need help. have a dance party.Video Extra Video Extras from This Episode The Making of Castor's Rendition Camp Graeme Manson and John Fawcett show us around the show's biggest set to date.. 'All You Had to Do Was Stay Away' As Sarah suffers testing, Paul appears to chide her; but his allegiances are beginning to strain. S. Persona 5 kawakami porn. Cosima and Shay Kiss Cosima and her Sapphire date take their first date back to Felix's loft.Felix Shows Gracie How It's Done Felix, Gracie, and Mrs. follow BBC America sign up to get the latest Select your provider Loading

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Being a doctor is a very serious position.Comments: 28 Kudos: 37 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 2339.And now she's here.Delphine wondered why she was here in the first place.Whatever bullshit pickup lines he was feeding her, it looked like she was taking them all in, actually wanting to be there.Her curls bounced as she made her way, resting the hand that was holding the aspirin on top of the water cooler as she pulled out a small plastic cup from the side, lifting the small tab with her thumb while holding the cup carefully as the water poured in. Keana marie. Delphine was irked to say the least and she was more than sure that Cameron was a misogynist.She could do a better job with her eyes closed- not that she would ever recommend such silly games.She reached into her bag to pull out an aspirin before standing and walking over to the water cooler..She might as well just glue it to her head for god sakes.She was being completely undermined by Cameron and she couldn't believe it.It wasn't much longer that he had pointed her over into Delphine's direction.Every now and then she would chew her lower lip and pressed the end of the pen against her temple.She had her legs crossed and the clipboard resting on her legs as she filled it out.And then, Delphine had to of course, pop her head back down at the speed of light.She was just about one of the most finest doctors in this place and yet there she was, stuck at a computer by the phone for the day.The struggles of filling in a receptionists job was an ongoing list for someone like Delphine.And that would be why she is at a computer and he is doing her rounds

Here are some teases for the episode before it airs on Wednesday, January 20.They think that Shay is a spy, someone who is ultimately there to cause harm and mischief, and while we understand why the fans think that we hope that they’re wrong.Granted, she’s had true love with Delphine, and we’re sure Cophine shippers disagree with us, but Shay offers Cosima new opportunities to grow as a person and we have to say we’d love to see that.These two seem like an unlikely pair, for sure, but they also seem like they would help each other learn more about the things they don’t understand.Plus, this season we’ve seen Cosima think about the spiritual side of things more often, and Shay seems like the type of woman who could open Cosima’s eyes to more of that.The hit period drama will officially be coming to a close after it?s forthcoming sixth season. Abby Lockhart Instagram photos. Write a comment below or submit an article to Hypable.Cosima met Shay through a dating app, and when the two of them met they seemed to hit it off..But since the third season started Delphine has decided to end their relationship so she could help all of Cosima’s sisters, a decision we’re still trying to understand.Or would you rather Cosima stop talking to Shay all together

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They started with the simplest of things, they spent most of their time laughing rather than getting things done.Delphine chewed her inner cheek as she thought about the situation at hand.Cosima pushes for spontaneous dates and movie nights before leaving them hanging.Cosima and Shay try to get Delphine into doing yoga. “I’m like totally stoked you guys are getting closer and all, but like, try not to run away without me.And Delphine was finally starting to let Shay in. Daughters of aku samurai jack. She did a surprisingly good job until she had to step off the unnecessary platform under Shay's bed.But, being open about things now, and finally not being kept in the dark, she was understanding toward both of the women and how they acted. “Hi,” Shay whispered softly while her arms snaked around Cosima’s neck.Alright?” Cosima teased and kissed Shay’s forehead when she looked down giggling.She stayed silent until her eyes fell on the two blondes in the kitchen.Shay knew Delphine hated being vulnerable as well as being taken care of.Shay had been wanting to spend time with just Delphine, to help their relationship.But overall, it was a good bonding moment for them.” Shay called out as she began rolling up her yoga mats.” She called out while walking through the door finally, leaning against it slowly to shut it.Nothing was working and she was growing impatient, maybe she could sleep it off.Delphine chuckled lightly and sat the bar down.She was so used to being in charge that when offered help, she almost feels threatened.She sat up and inhaled sharply, doing her best to get out of bed as quietly and carefully as possible.Besides, her lower back was still irritating her. A lot.” Cosima replied, kissing her girlfriend before pulling away. Anne. Comments: 27 Kudos: 38 Bookmarks: 5 Hits: 811.However, this was a way to be happy, together.This was the first time they'd been so touchy, even if it really was just Shay.Her eyes darted around the room while her head was peeking around the door.The taller blonde smirked before sipping from her bottle quietly. “I come bearing gifts.The other part was loving Cosima so much, that she wanted her to be happy.She walked around Shay's apartment for a while before retreating back to bed.A loud hiss escaped her lips along with a small yelp.She was quick to move the pillow from her lap and stand, making her way over to her girlfriend and plonking herself beside her.She saw and understood what Delphine did.The room fell silent and after a while, Delphine's breathing evened.

.Season 3 Female love interests: Cosima Niehaus (Tatiana Maslany, lesbian, regular) Relationship story arc with a woman: Yes No male love interests Relationship story arc with a man: No Male love interest after being identified as a lesbian.No Filter Relationship Arc: Female (Regular) Storyline during sweeps.Shay was understandably shaken and angry, didn’t know who who Cosima really was, and Cosima was unable to tell her

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Trying not to feel too deflated, she manages a, “Sure,” and a smile in Alison’s direction, and tries to listen as Alison waxes lyrical about the production and drags Cosima back towards the foyer.A good audience for whatever musical Alison has signed them up for this time.It’s just that sometimes she can’t believe that they were made the same but have turned out so differently. Ok?”.One that she hasn’t felt for some time and absolutely not in a place like this with her sister sitting next to her, only inches away.And then more softly, “Thank you, Cosima. Jin. She wants to know if her nipples are hardening, if her skin is warm, if her cunt is wet, and if it would open for her the way she wants to open for Delphine now.Honestly,” she says, shaking her head and collecting her bag.And, well, it’s not actually a lie but she doesn’t mean it in the way Alison thinks. I know it’s not always something you look forward to but I do appreciate it.For coming with me.May I?” she asks, and gestures towards the dryer.Gawping momentarily in the direction of the woman’s profile, Cosima blinks, chuckles quietly to herself and tilts her head back to the show, tapping a crooked index finger against her lip as she wonders what the hell is happening (both on stage and off).It does the trick though because Alison smiles and swats Cosima’s shoulder.She’s in no rush to get anywhere fast, Cosima notes, and she’s almost grateful as it gives her a chance to collect herself, just a little.I’ll even get white, just as a peace offering, you know?” Cosima squeezes her arm and makes her way through the glass door of the theatre without waiting for an answer.It's unbetad so apologies for any typos:) Also, I might turn this into a selection of smutty one (or two) shots that all have a link to music in some way.How on earth did you end up sitting right next to me.But, then, it’s unmistakable; there are the backs of fingers rubbing gently, tentatively, against the side of her thigh through her tights.Cosima would prefer a different kind of night, where she wasn’t restricted to a seat, where the music was loose and fluid and where she could be too, but she promised Ali that she’d come to see a few shows with her as a thank-you for putting her up when she broke up with her ex earlier in the year.”.She has to, as it’s all too much, all at once, and she’s feeling it now.I’ll help Gemma with her bio homework?” Cosima offers because, as much as her sister gets on her last nerve sometimes, there is no way she’d turn away her niece on such an important subject. Reader.

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cosima and shay

The pressure alone seemed to clear some of the fog from Shay’s vision. “Are you from around here?”.She fiddled with the mug a moment longer before glancing up to meet Cosima’s confused gaze. “I really appreciate it.It’s a blend they get from this local tea shop, it’s got, like, chamomile and some other stuff, I forget what exactly.I’ll be right back. Makoto x yukari. ”.Her vision swam as she gripped the edge of the shelf for balance, her nose suddenly filled with the stench of burning flesh.She swayed, the horizon slanting dangerously to the left as more explosions rang in the distance.Her brain seemed to be lagging several steps behind the conversation as she fought to process what was happening.It could, perhaps, be a good day after all.”. “There’s a coffee shop next door.She gave Shay’s hand a gentle squeeze before letting go to pull out a chair for her.Cosima slowed to a gentler pace, letting Shay catch her breath as she guided them to a café table outside the shop next door.Or at least I hope it’s halfway,” she chuckled.Shay’s heartbeat thudded once more in her ears.” Her hands drifted slowly back to the tabletop like falling leaves.She rubbed the tips of her fingers ruminatively over her phone inside her pocket, thinking only of the brand new phone number inside it. “Combat vet.She reached for Shay’s hand and squeezed.This was the part of the conversation she’d had hundreds of times.” Shay nodded, focusing on breathing slowly through her nose. Natsu x child. Whatever that crash was in there set it off..

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.You can come in anytime during the week and do it, you just don’t get your cute sidekick.She was technically Delphine’s employee and while the gym itself didn’t have any specific rules on this, she herself did.There’s a steam room and a pool upstairs if you want.”.”. Harry Potter and the Soul Bond Surprise Chapter. Because Shay had felt herself being a little flirty without meaning to.Later she had only two clients, but one of them was new.Cosima is a long time client of that gym and has asked Shay out before.”.She wasn’t nervous per se, but the file said she was a woman about her age and her name sounded really French.”.When they were done, she got them stretching.Comments: 14 Kudos: 101 Bookmarks: 5 Hits: 1489. “We’re going to start with some light stretching and you’re going to tell me exactly what it is you want out of me.Delphine didn’t see her as she walked so Shay just looked, a little creepy she thought to herself, but she was curious about this cute French lady.It’s not that she didn’t believe what she was saying, it was just it was the cheesiest way possible to say it.She left her on the elliptical to go take care of her other client.It seemed like that’s all she did, it’s not like anybody called when everything could be done online.He wasn’t there yet so she stayed and talked to Lana.Something along the lines of being, “This close to being the best they could be,” or some other bullshit.When she got to them she flopped down in the middle.She got turned down because Shay doesn't date where she works. Disney porn fanfic. Delphine was impressively flexible for someone who hadn’t been exercising for a few months.

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Eventually, Shay gave in and sat next to Cosima.She scooped the kitten up and gently placed him in the bottom, mostly empty, drawer of her dresser.It had gotten her into exactly zero binds and she was happy about that.I have to work on some assignments.Except not today. “I think we should call him-” “No!” Shay cried. Dark magician x reader wattpad. ” Just then, Cosima, their neighbor poked her head into view. “God, he’s loud,” Shay murmured. “Poor guy,” she cooed and scratched under his chin.There was less contempt, obviously, but the same excitement about being left alone was there.All three of them jumped at the three solid knocks to their door.At least her roommate, Delphine, was okay with it.Alison, the other wing’s RA, was walking by and she said she heard some meowing.Shay was about to protest, but Delphine was faster. “Probably a lot like yours.After not finding anything she had fully intended to bring the little guy to the animal shelter.” “And you haven’t heard anything?” Delphine piped up from behind her, “No, we’ve both had our ear buds in. Just one thing though. “Uh, down by Parker Hall.Once she was settled, she was handed the kitten.What are your classes like?” Shay blushed.Like the art students?” “No,” Shay laughed.The kitten mewed again. Fanfics de grojband Facebook. ” “And there wasn’t anything around there.Delphine stood, grabbed her laptop, and snuck a encouraging smile in before leaving. “Merde,” Delphine whispered.Shay shot her a look of death over Cosima’s shoulder as she walked and Delphine just grinned.Being more important to someone’s attention than a kitten, let alone Cosima’s attention, was a little much.

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cosima and shay

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